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共同社:美国会调查局认为,安倍是著名的强硬民族主义者(well-known hard-line nationalists),有损美国利益

09/05/2013 |共同社
【共同社华盛顿5月9日电】美国国会调查局日前公布的关于日美关系的报告称,日本首相安倍晋三的历史认识及相关发言“导致东亚地区的国际关系陷入混乱,并引发了可能会损害美国国家利益的担忧”。    报告还指出,安倍是“众所周知的强硬的民族主义者”,不仅是中韩两国,美国也“一直关注”其关于二战慰安妇、历史教科书及参拜靖国神社问题的言行。    报告就随军慰安妇问题指出,如果修改承认日军在二战期间强征慰安妇的1993年“河野谈话”,“日韩关系将会恶化”。此外,还谈及日本阁僚参拜靖国神社后韩国外长取消访日计划等,介绍了日韩双边关系摩擦不断的现状。

U.S. report says Abe history to speak fear prejudicial to the interests of the United States
according to Kyodo News reported, the U.S. Congress Bureau of Investigation recently released report on the Japan-US relations, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's understanding of history and speak "lead to international relations in East Asia chaos and led to concerns that may harm the national interests of the United States ".
  The report also noted that Abe is "well-known hard-line nationalists" is not only China and South Korea, the United States has been concerned about the words and deeds on the comfort women of World War II, history textbooks and visits to the Yasukuni Shrine issue.
  Report on the army of the comfort women issue that, if modified to recognize the Japanese during World War II forced recruitment of comfort women in 1993 "Kono Statement", "Japan and South Korea relations will deteriorate. In addition, the South Korean foreign minister canceled his visit to Japan plan also talked about the Japanese cabinet members' visits to the Yasukuni Shrine friction status quo of bilateral relations between the Japanese and Korean.
  Abe's recent record on the history issue published the controversial remarks. April 23 reply in Congress, he said "the international definition of aggression is inconclusive. He has also worked on the Senate Budget Committee on the Murayama talk "to express their views, said it would not be inherited intact apology for Japan's colonial history of aggression" Murayama conversation.
  In addition, the cabinet members visit the Yasukuni Shrine in Japan drew international criticism, Abe expressly allow members of the Cabinet's visit to the Yasukuni position. He said, "cabinet members are free to express reverence to the souls of the dead, as it should be".
  8th of this month, Abe also said that the wars of the past in many Asian countries the people causing huge damage and suffering to this understanding with the previous Cabinet.
  Abe's remarks triggered strong criticism of China and South Korea. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying 2 days to respond, saying that history will not change because of the words and deeds of the individual. "We hope that the Japanese attitude responsible for history, a profound reflection on the history, take concrete actions to win the trust of its Asian neighbors and the international community."
  Hua Chunying, for historical reasons, Asian neighbors has been highly concerned about the developments in Japan. We hope that the Japan path of peaceful development, learning from history, respect for the concerns of the countries in the region, and do more things conducive to regional peace and stability.
  Visit of South Korean President Park Geun-hye in the United States recently accepted an exclusive interview with the "Washington Post" also referred to the history of Korea and Japan, and strongly criticized Japan in exposing past scars. Korean diplomatic source also said that Japan and South Korea summit talks is probably difficult to achieve before the fall of the year.



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